Thinking Room

Talking with Dell and Aaron, we were thinking how cool it would be to have a room covered with white boards.  There is paint that you can put on walls that makes them into a big white board.  Then we though what if a person made the walls into rear projection screens that had overlays.  What do you think?  How would you make it?

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Project Bucket List

As I have discussed with my friends, one of my goals is to improve my documentation.  In doing so, I thought it would be wise to create a Projects Bucket List, this way I can hopefully stay on track.  Currently there are 5 projects on this list that have been started.  I have a tendency to get half way through one project then start another.

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Radio – Audio Interface Unit

Using your computer’s sound card to do digital modes over ham radio, you will need an Audio Interface Unit.  Here you will see my design goals for my new interface unit.  I will include a schematic and other documentation as the project progresses.

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