W5BOB 6 Meter Receiving Converter

Find out how to build your own 6 Meter to 20 Meter Receiving Converter, and see the story behind me building my first converter.  Please post any questions that you might have.

W5BOB 6 Meter Receiving Converter

Johnny McCown

5 January 2014

Feel free to skip to the PDF bellow.  Bob, W5BOB was my elmer when I first started in Ham Radio.  If you don’t know what an “elmer” is, it is the title given to mentors of new ham radio operators.  My first radio was for the 2 meter band, then my second rig was a Kenwood TS-120s for HF.  Then came a time where I was interested in the 6 meter band.  Maybe Bob sparked that interest, it was many moons ago so I can not remember clearly as to why I was interested in 6 meters.  With that being said I was going to need some equipment.  To save money, Bob suggested that we build a receiving converter, that would connect between the antenna and my HF radio and would convert the 6 meter signals reaching my antenna to the 20 meter band.  We also built a dipole antenna to get me up on the air.  Latter we built a 3 element Yagi that went on top of my 30 foot tower that I had at the time.  Some time latter we took Bob’s Transmitting Converter that Bob had build a good 20-30 years prior and modified it to work with my radio.  It still worked like a charm.  I was on 6 Meters making contacts from Texas all the way to Utah.  That is over 800 miles or 1300Km.  I have included Bob’s instructions for his 6M to 20M receiving converter.


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