KiCad – PCB Design Software

Eagle Cad is my preferred PCB design software thus far.  Though its expense has encourage me to try out KiCad.  Back in Jun 2015 I started to use KiCad.  Below are a few notes that I have taken.   Let me know if you are interested in some videos on this software.  These notes are current as of 16 Jun 2015. Continue reading “KiCad – PCB Design Software”

CERTs for the Electronics Technician

As you may know I started my journey in Electronics through Ham Radio in the mid 90’s.  Then about 15 years ago I went through a trade school learning more about basic electronics.  After I was working for some time, I earned a BS in Computer and Information Science.  A lot of jobs/vocations prefer that a person continue their education, if it doesn’t help with promotion it can help with job security.  Most of all it helps stay current in today’s/tomorrow’s technology and keep our skills up.  Below are a few CERTs I have started or would like to have.  Most of these CERTs and courses are either low cost or free.

Continue reading “CERTs for the Electronics Technician”