Electronic Workbench

Every ham radio operator that builds equipment needs a work bench.  Here I am throwing some ideas together.  I will post more when I start building the bench.

Electronic Workbench


Johnny McCown

1 Jan 2013


In the past I have used my ham shack desk for my work bench. Realizing that I spend too much time setting up my equipment to do soldering then I do soldering at times, I needed a different place to do my soldering. This past Christmas my wife bought me a Fume Extractor, and I just found out that my father-in-law is sending me a Pana Vise, it is time set up a good working area.


3 feet deep 8 feet wide is good enough

Have shelves to store test equipment

Dennis – recommended to have coat hooks at each test equipment to loop test leads off of when store them

Top shelf I would like a florescent lamp to light up the bench

Install a power strip on the back of the bench and also a ground bar

Put a small vise one one side of the bench that is removable

Considering that I move around a lot, I want to make the bench so it can be torn down easily, and set back up with out damaging the bench.

Here is an idea I got last night (28 Mar 13) looking at Google images, http://www.amazon.com/2x4basics-90164-Workbench-Shelving-Storage/dp/B0030T1BRE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1364499898&sr=8-1&keywords=2+x+4+workbench

Here is a photo during the construction of my workbench.  As you can see I added boards every 2 feet to add support; I also did this for the bottom shelf.

Electronic Workbench
Electronic Workbench during build

This is the current view of my workbench as of 22 Apr 2013.  I need some wire and a switch then I will be able to mount my light that you see resting on top.  It will mount under the top shelf all the way towards the front.  Though I do have a nice lamp towards the far left that I will use during most of my projects.  Once I get a mounting bracket for my HF radio, that will be mounted under the bottom shelf toward the far left (under Raphael feet).  Once I get my hands on some mounting hardware for my communications analyzer, it will go into my 19″ rack, and clear up some space on the bench!


As for power, I will be installing some power strips (both AC and DC) under the bench towards the back.  This will be for items that I leave plugged in all the time.  As you might guess, I will install a grounding bar.  When working on projects at Bob’s W5BOB ham shack, he had a few power strips under his workbench towards the front of the bench.  This allowed him to plug in project that he was working on without having to reach to back of the bench; I will barrow this design idea from Bob.

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