Project Bucket List

As I have discussed with my friends, one of my goals is to improve my documentation.  In doing so, I thought it would be wise to create a Projects Bucket List, this way I can hopefully stay on track.  Currently there are 5 projects on this list that have been started.  I have a tendency to get half way through one project then start another.

Johnny’s Project Bucket List as of 28 Oct 2013

  1. Loop Antenna w/ Control Unit
  2. Air Variable Capacitor
  3. Screwdriver Antenna Control Unit
  4. Radio to Computer Interface Unit
  5. Rebuild/design quadcopter
  6. Antenna Tuner
  7. SWR/Power Meter and maybe Frequency Counter
  8. Radio Modem
  9. SDR
  10. SATCOM and/or EME Antenna w/ Control Unit
  11. Build a new File/Web Server

Education Bucket List

  1. Share my notes on Basic Electronic Principles
  2. Share my knowledge of EagleCAD and how to get to making PCBs using a CNC
  3. Share my notes on Networking
  4. Share my notes on Programming Basics
  5. Learn Python
  6. Earn a Math Cert from a local or online university
  7. Learn FPGAs


2 thoughts on “Project Bucket List”

  1. Hello,

    Quick question. Where are you getting your math certification. I’ve felt I have a hole in my abilities in mathematics which would otherwise have helped me solve many problems – if only I had the math background to solve them.

    So I wanted to learn math to compliment my skills in electronics.

    Could you tell me more about this math course?


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