37 Sensor Kit

20160328_180851Last week Danielle was ordering some stuff off of Amazon, and I asked her to look up Ultrasonic Sensors, she did and they should be here latter this week.  But this is not about them.  Instead is is about a related item that we purchased at the same time.  A 37 piece sensor starter kit, from Robotlinking Inc. (though my kit the parts say that, but says Elego on all the documentation )…I saw some bad reviews, but at $28 (current price) we took the chance.  It just came in today, and looks great.  Some of the previous complaints that we saw were the price and the parts not being labeled.  Well it looks like the price has dropped a lot, and it is well labeled.  Also, it came with a CD, with a 80 pages PDF covering 29 lessons, and also an Arduino  lib.   As you will see in the photo the sensors are in their own compartment in a stowaway bin, with a label at the top.  Oh, and the kit also came with an assortment of resistors.  At the moment I have not tried any of the sensors, but when I do I will let you know about it.

20160328_180905 20160328_180741




If you are interested in more info about this kit, please let me know.  If you would like to buy it for yourself, look for the Amazon link above.

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