W5BOB Transmit Converter

As you might have already seen from my previous post, I made my first 6 Meter Receiving Converter with Bob, W5BOB.  Well he gave me his 6 meter transmit converter and together we modified it to work with my TS-120s HF radio.  Knowing that I was new to ham radio, Bob typed up some simple instructions on how to operate the transmitting converter and gave me the basic schematics of the system.

W5BOB Transmit Converter

Johnny McCown

5 Jan 2014

Though you may not be able to use the schematic to build your own 6 meter transmitting converter, you can look at the signal flow and see how it works.  Also, keep in mind how Bob as a mentor was teaching me how to use the equipment and gave me detailed instructions on how to operate the gear.  Sometimes as experienced radio operators we forget that new operators sometimes need the guidance that we once received.

As we experiment in electronics we usually fall short when it come to documentation, this is something that Bob has inspired me on.  Take a look at his layout and instructions, I think this is a good example of what we should be doing.



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