My start with PCBs (Printed Circuit Board)

Don't give up when things go wrong.
Don’t give up when things go wrong.

I have been making my own PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) for some time now.  First, I had to create the schematic using software like EagleCad or KiCad.  Most of my work has been done in EagleCad, though KiCad is free.  Then from the schematic I go to creating the board layout.  Dell-Ray got me stated in using this software, and thought me the basics.  If there is any interest, I might be willing to make some youtube videos on EagleCad or anything else I am covering here.  Well after I design the circuit and its board layout the next task is to get that design onto a board. Here I will talk a little on my journey through making circuit board.  Starting off with chemical etching, then why I moved onto using a CNC router.  Last, some of the pitfall to doing it your self.

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